IGS Technical Committee on Stabilization

The Technical Committee on Stabilization (TC-S) is dedicated to advance the knowledge on the use of geosynthetics for stabilization, which has been predominantly applicable to trafficked areas such as roadways, railways, airfields, and working platforms. However, the activities of the committee could be further refined to include other applications where the stiffening provided by geosynthetics to the surrounding soil particles is beneficial. Experts are welcomed both from the academic and practical segments of the IGS membership. This TC aims at becoming the main platform for exchange of recent knowledge and developments, including the coordination and dissemination of research results from different research units across the globe. Collection and comparison of design approaches that are in place in different countries corresponds to another important focus of the TC for upcoming activities.

Current Work

TC-S will concentrate mainly on following activities:

  • Facilitate coordination of research among different research units across the globe, for example, the compilation of information from multiple field monitoring sites in order to consolidate the information.
  • Compilation of existing technical literature on stabilization.
  • Synthesis of research trends in the area of stabilization.
  • Conduct general meetings at the Geosynthetics Conferences including the Regional IGS Conferences.
  • Review and categorization of the papers.
  • Coordinate the compilation of a special issue on “Stabilization” in one of the two official journals of the IGS.
  • Collection and comparison of design approaches and existing practice.
  • Organization of discussion forum for professionals, incorporate young members as much as possible into TC activities.
  • Main form of activity between general meetings are quarterly “e-mail meetings” restricted only to TC-S members.
Future TC-S Activities
  • Organize a specialty session on Stabilization at the 11ICG in Seoul, Korea.
  • Conduct a Stabilization workshop (tentatively in 2019).

Meet our leaders

Dr. Jacek Kawalec

Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland

Flavio Montez

Huesker, Brazil

Prof. Jorge Zornberg

The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Dr. Leos Hornicek

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

IGS members wishing to participate in TC-S activities are invited to write to the Secretary Dr. Leos Hornicek: For additional information about the IGS Technical Committees, contact the IGS Secretariat: