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Italian Chapter AGI-IGS: New Officers Board Elected

New Board for the Italian Chapter AGI-IGS (002)

In spring 2017 elections took place in Italy in order to nominate the new Officers Board of the Italian Chapter AGI-IGS. The new elected Board is as following:

New Board of the Italian Chapter AGI-IGS.
Standing (L to R) : Pietro Rimoldi, Laura Carbone, Daniele Cazzuffi, Sabatino Cuomo, Giuseppe Cardile,
first row (L to R) : Pierpaolo Fantini, Francesco Fontana, Piergiorgio Recalcati

President Daniele Cazzuffi
Vice President Pierpaolo Fantini
Board members






Young member

Giuseppe Cardile (Secretary)

Paolo Carrubba

Sabatino Cuomo

Francesco Fontana

Piergiorgio Recalcati

Pietro Rimoldi

Laura Carbone

Treasurer Claudio Soccodato
Secretariat Susanna Antonielli

c/o Associazione Geotecnica

Viale dell’Università, 11

00185 Roma; Italy

Tel +39 06 4465569 or
+39 06 44704349
Fax +39 06 44361035
Web site


Nicola Moraci (after various consecutive terms) left the Board, also due to his election as President of the Italian Geotechnical Society (AGI): a particular word of thanks was addressed to him, who greatly contributed to the success of the Chapter’s activities.

On 30 May 2017 at CESI SpA in Milano there was the first meeting of the new Board : the main decision was taken unanimously to run for hosting the 12th International Geosynthetics Conference in Italy and in particular in Roma in 2022.

Reported by

Daniele Cazzuffi, AGI-IGS President